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Exhaust Repair & Maintenance

We've all heard a car or truck that needs a new muffler. But there's more to the exhaust system than just the muffler.

The exhaust system has three main functions

  • To safely get hot exhaust gas from the engine out the tailpipe
  • Treats the exhaust to remove harmful pollutants
  • Muffle the engine noise

At Omni Auto Repair in Ashland, KY, we provide quality repair, replacement and maintenance of your muffler system. Consider us a one-stop-shop for your factory or custom exhaust converter needs.

Poor performance? Reduced fuel mileage? Lack of power? If your car has any of these issues, you may need your Catalytic Converter tested! We stock a complete line of universal and direct fit converters or will order the one you need. A universal converter can be a cost saving option over a direct fit converter. Both varieties of converters conform to all Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

Give Omni Auto Repair a call and let us help you determine what you need!