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Custom Exhaust Systems

When the exhaust system is restricted due to a faulty system, whether it be a bad muffler or constricted flow through the manifolds, it can noticeably affect the performance of your engine. Omni Auto Repair specializes in muffler and exhaust system repair and replacement. If a vehicle feels sluggish or the fuel mileage is poor, it is time to have the exhaust system checked.

Custom exhaust systems can greatly improve your vehicles power curve and fuel mileage over the existing stock system by opening up the flow of gases from the engine and balancing the vacuum produced by your original factory system. Drop in today for a free exhaust inspection and estimate.

Check Out Our Custom Exhaust Installation Services

  • Headers
  • Custom Dual Exhaust
  • Foreign and Domestic
  • Cold-Air Intake Systems

  • Pipe Bending and Welding
  • Stock Manifolds and Gaskets
  • Stainless and Aluminized Pipe
  • Custom Exhaust for Any Type Vehicle