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OMNI Auto Repair is a complete auto repair and exhaust service located in Ashland, Kentucky. OMNI has been devoted to amazing customer service and affordable prices. OMNI Auto Repair has been the top referred auto shop for Ashland, KY; Ironton, OH; Huntington, WV; and the surrounding areas for over five years. Whether you need your tires aligned, your air conditioner repaired, engine serviced, or maybe a tune-up; OMNI Auto Repair is the place for you! Call or stop by today to find out all the ways OMNI Auto Repair can help you!


OMNI Auto Repair also has a wide array of knowledge about Mercedes vehicles from all different years and models. OMNI Auto Repair is one of the most knowledgeable shops in the area of Mercedes. No matter what make, model or class of Mercedes you may be looking for, OMNI Auto Repair is the place to go to for repairs, parts and the vehicle itself. Call or stop by OMNI Auto Repair today to find out more about all the great Mercedes they have to offer!

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When it comes to Automotive Repair, Omni Auto Repair is here to provide the service . Not only are our prices the most competitive around, but we also pride ourselves on quality workmanship that is second to none. Check out what all we have to offer you to make your car perfect again.

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