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Mercedes Benz Repair

Mercedes vehicles are synonymous with luxury, class, quality, and performance. Complete Automotive Services works to provide Mercedes service, maintenance, and repair that lives up to the luxury vehicles’ name.

At Omni Auto Repair, our Mercedes-Benz technicians are trained, certified, and experts in Service A, Service B and all other required maintenance needed to keep your factory warranty valid and vehicle running to factory specification for years to come. Whether your vehicle is from the mid-nineties, or a new Mercedes SLK, CLK, C, E, S, M, or ML, we understand the importance of quality service for new and old vehicles alike.

Mercedes Service

Mercedes require special knowledge and skill, do not trust your precious investment in the hands of someone not familiar with these specially engineered luxury machines. We have the training and tools necessary to take care of all your Mercedes repairs.

Mercedes A Service

The Mercedes A service is recomended every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. This service requires changing the oil, dust filter, checking the tire pressure, inspecting brakes and fluids, as well as a multi-point inspection and FSS computer service reset.

Mercedes B Service

Mercedes B Service requires more service than an A-Service and is recomended less often, every 20,000. We will change your vehicle's engine oil and filter, replace the dust filter or active charcoal filter, inspect and rotate tires, lubricate and inspectthrottle linkage, multi-point inspection, inspect tires and check tire pressure as well as spare, inspect brakes, inspect suspension and engine belts, check and correct all fluid levels, and reset your vehicle's FSS service interval system

Some of the general auto maintenance services that we offer are: